When you want to start fertilizer manufacturing, a good fertilizer production business plan can help you a lot. But there are many fertilizer making lines on the market, which one is the best choice for you?

You can consider it from the following 4 aspects

What kind of fertilizer do you want to produce?

The type of fertilizer you want to prepare is the most important item for suitable fertilizer production business plan choosing. Making organic fertilizer (including bio fertilizer preparation)? Or produce NPK compound fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer manufacturing

When you want to dispose of animal manure in your farm, agricultural waste or industrial organic waste, we recommend you choose our organic fertilizer making line. In general, it contains dehydrator, compost machine, batching equipment, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screener, coating and packaging equipment. They can help you turn the waste into quality organic fertilizer quickly and easily. In addition, the equipment design of organic fertilizer making plan is not fixed, we can adjust it according to your actual conditions.

Organic fertilizer making process
Compound fertilizer manufacturing process

NPK compound fertilizer making

Is there fertilizer making business plan for chemical materials processing? Of course. Whether you plan to process urea, DAP, nitrophos, phosphate or other chemical materials, our compound fertilizer production line can fully meet your needs. It usually consists of batching machine, crusher, mixer, pelletizer, dryer, cooler, screener and bagging machine. This design is similar to organic fertilizer making system, but equipment use is different. So this system can convert chemical materials into compound fertilizer you need in a short time.

What is the scale of your fertilizer production business plan?

Then if you want to buy a suitable fertilizer making line, you also need to ensure the capacity. According to the output, we will provide you with different fertilizer making business plans. For example:

Disc granulation line for small scale fertilizer production

Provided you plan to setup a small scale fertilizer making plant, our disc granulation line is an ideal choice. It can prepare 1-6 tons of fertilizer pellets per hour, which can fully meet your needs. Moreover, pan pelleting system has characteristics of simple operation, small area coverage, low cost, etc. These features can help you start a small scale organic fertilizer making or NPK fertilizer production more smoothly.

Disc granulation line for small scale fertilizer production
Rotary drum granulation line for large scale fertilizer making

Large scale fertilizer rotary drum pellet making line for sale

However, for those who want to prepare organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer in a large scale, it is advisable to buy rotary drum granulation line. The largest capacity of this fertilizer line can reach 30 t/h. But can it withstand the erosion of mass fertilizer processing? The answer is yes. All sets of equipment are made of high strength alloy steel. Moreover, we especially equip rotary drum granulator with rubber lining, which has high erosion-resistance.

How much area can you provide for fertilizer manufacturing line installation?

Besides the above two items, you also need to focus on area coverage of fertilizer making line during choosing. Then you will know whether the system can be accommodated in your workshop. There is some information for your reference:

Fertilizer granulation line area coverage

In general, fertilizer granulation line has a more complicated process. Then it needs more equipment. Therefore, a complete 1-20 t/h fertilizer making line needs an area of 2,000-10,000 ㎡.

Fertilizer granulation factory setup

Other fertilizer making business plan space occupation

But there are also many fertilizer making lines which only need a small area. For example, you only need to prepare an 800-5000㎡ area for powder organic fertilizer making line and compound fertilizer blending system.

How much do you plan to invest in fertilizer making business plan?

Generally, the costs of fertilizer making business plans are as follows:

  • Fertilizer granulation line cost: $110,000-$550,000
  • Powdery organic fertilizer making system price: $35,000-$90,000
  • Fertilizer blending system budget: $30,000-$100,000

However, the investment of fertilizer making business plan is not fixed. It will vary with capacity, equipment, process, etc. If you want to a get more precise quote, you can contact us immediately.

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