Are you finding equipment for disposing of cow dung, chicken poop, pig manure, etc into organic fertilizer? Do you plan to invest in NPK fertilizer making plant setup? Act now and buy your fertilizer making machines from SX now! In June and July 2023, there is a trade festival of SX fertilizer equipment. At that time, all sets of our fertilizer production machines will have a discount. You can buy organic fertilizer making and NPK fertilizer manufacturing equipment at a more economical price.

SX fertilizer equipment trade festival in June and July 2023

During this SX fertilizer equipment trade festival, there are four types of fertilizer making machine that are recommended to you.

Windrow compost turner for small-medium scale manure fermentation

When you want to dispose of manure waste in your farms and make profits simultaneously, composting is a necessary process. In this process, organic waste piles will generate a large amount of heat to kill harmful substances inside. Here, professional fertilizer composter can help you adjust conditions of composting to a better level, which is beneficial for decomposing organic litter quickly and easily.

For small-medium scale farms composting, we recommend you use windrow compost turner. It is suitable for processing organic material piles with a width of 2-3 m and a height of 0.6-1.5 m. That is, it can help you turn over 300-1500 m³ of compost material windrows per hour. In addition, this fertilizer composter adopts on the ground fermentation method. Only need a flat cement ground, you can drive the windrow compost machine to start manure aerobic fermentation directly both indoor or outdoor.

Wheel type compost machine for large scale organic fertilizer composting

But for large scale organic fertilizer composting, wheel type compost machine is the best option. There are two reasons. For one thing, its turning width can reach 8-30 m and turning depth is 1-3 m. So this machine can compost a larger amount of organic waste within the same time. For another, it employs a fully automatic control system. After setting speed and working mode, it can work to turn materials in fermentation trench to facilitate organic fertilizer composting without any operation.

Wheel type compost turner for large scale organic fertilizer fermentation

Pan pelletizer for economical fertilizer pellets making

In addition, most fertilizer manufacturers need suitable granulation equipment. It plays an important role in both organic fertilizer making and NPK compound fertilizer manufacturing.


If you need an economical fertilizer granulator, you can choose pan pellet machine. A disc granulation equipment only needs $1,000-$16,000, a favourable price. Moreover, it has a capacity of 1-6 t/h, so it is suitable for small scale fertilizer granulation plant setup.

Rotary drum granulator for faster fertilizer granule production

If you want to turn materials powder into granules more quickly, rotary drum pelletizer is your best choice. It can accommodate more materials than other fertilizer pellet production machines. In an hour, this machine can prepare 1-30 tons of fertilizer granules for you. Therefore, it is the best selling pelletizer for those who want to make fertilizer pellets faster or plan to start large scale fertilizer granulation.

Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale fertilizer granulation

In general, SX will have trade festivals twice every year. Come to buy your favourite fertilizer making equipment, we will offer you the most suitable machine at a favourable price!

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