Because granular fertilizer is more convenient for transport, storage and use, most fertilizer manufacturers are prone to turn powder fertilizer into granules. Of course, including compound fertilizer production. Then in order to produce quality compound fertilizer pellets, it is necessary to buy a suitable fertilizer granulation machine.

From the past data in 2023, we find there are 3 types of compound fertilizer granulators that are hot selling with chemical fertilizer suppliers.

NO.1 Pan pelletizer for small scale compound fertilizer granulation

For making compound fertilizer pellet in a small scale, most fertilizer manufactures choose our pan granulation machine. Why? There are three reasons.

Small capacity

In general, pan granulation equipment can produce 1-6 tons of compound fertilizer granules per hour. That is, its annual capacity can reach 30,000-40,000 tons. This can fully meet your requirement of preparing chemical fertilizer pellets in a small scale.

Different types pan pelletizers

Less space occupation

In addition, another reason why it is suitable for small scale complex fertilizer granulation is less space occupation. Even the largest disc granulator also only needs an area of 10 ㎡. Therefore, it is an ideal choice when your fertilizer making workshop is small.

High granulation rate

How about the granulation effect of pan pellet machine? It has a high granulation rate of over 93%. This means when using the same amounts of chemical materials, it can help you produce more compound fertilizer particles than other granulators. So using this compound fertilizer granulator, you can complete small scale chemical fertilizer pellet making faster.

Compound fertilizer granules produced by pan pelletizer

NO.2 Rotary drum granulator for industrial NPK fertilizer pellets making

But for large scale complex fertilizer pellet making, especially NPK fertilizer making, the most popular equipment is rotary drum pelletizer. Why? What are the benefits of rotary drum granulation?

Finishing large scale NPK fertilizer granulation quickly

Compared with pan pelletizer, rotary drum granulation machine can complete large scale NPK fertilizer granulation more quickly. Because it has a large capacity, which is high to 30 t/h. Hence, within the same time, drum granulation equipment can make 2-5 times as many granules as other compound fertilizer granulators.

Rotary drum granulator for large scale NPK fertilizer production

Reducing erosion to the fertilizer machine

For large scale chemical fertilizer processing, erosion-resistance is an item most fertilizer supplier focus on. But using drum pellet production machine is a perfect solution. For one thing, the body is made of high strength alloy steel, which is wear-resistant and anti-erosion. For another, we especially equip it with rubber lining, angle irons and cleaning holes to prevent sticking. This can further improve the machine’s erosion-resistance. So drum pelletizer can work to prepare NPK pellets for you for a long time.

NO.3 Double roller extrusion granulator for low cost chemical fertilizer pelleting

Then from the feedback of our customers, we find that there also are a large amount of businesses prefer to buy double roller granulator. Because it can turn chemical material into pellets at a lower cost.

Reducing the cost of drying and cooling

On the one hand, double roller granulator adopts dry granulation method, which mainly makes use of extrusion force between the two rollers. That is, there is nearly no water involved. So you don’t need to buy dryer and cooler for excessive moisture removing.

Double roller extrusion granulator for low cost pellet making
NPK pellet made by double roller granulator

Decreasing the cost of compound fertilizer granulator buying

On the other hand, SX can offer you double roller granulation equipment at a favourable price. About $3,000-$12,000. So it is an ideal choice for you to start compound fertilizer granulation at a low cost!

The above is the top 3 compound fertilizer granulators in 2023. Besides, SX can also provide you with many other high quality fertilizer processing machines. For example, cow dung compost equipment, chicken manure compost machine, fertilizer crusher and fertilizer mixer. If you are interested in them, please contact us. We will provide you with high quality fertilizer processing machines at an ideal price !

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